My name is Mr. Justin Allen.
I have be teaching mathematics since Fall of 2002. I started my career at Canandaigua Middle School teaching 8th grade. There I taught 4 sections of Math 8 and 1 section of Algebra I. While working there I had an opportunity to start the schools first MathCounts team - which also gave us the opportunity to start participating in the AMC 8 competition and the Rocket City Math League. I also was able to coach 2 years of Modified Boys soccer.

When I left Canandaigua I traveled a little closer to my home (Lima) and taught a year in Livonia, on a long-term sub assignment. While there I taught 1 section of RCT prep for 9th graders, 2 sections of 10th grade Math A and 2 sections of 11th grade Algebra/Trig. It was also the place where I was first introduced to the use of the Smartboard. During my time at Livonia I finished my master's degree at SUNY Geneseo.

I also worked and published a book for the National PASS Center. My book titled: "Integrated Math Concepts", is a 10 unit course which bridges the gap between 8th grade and 9th grade mathematics. It is currently being used as an 8th grade text for a majority of migrant education programs all over the country. In the summer of 2006, I traveled to speak at several state education conferences in New York (Lake Placid & Syracuse), Illinois (Chicago), and Texas (San Antonio).

The following school year I came to Penfield. In 2006 I taught 7th grade in House A & B and worked as an AIS math lab teacher. 2007 was my first time in House C teaching 8th grade (Math 8) and it was good to be back where I started. During the summer of 2008 I coached the U15 Strikers team to a 9-2-1 record and a second place finish in our division. In '08-'09 I returned to House C - 8th grade and began coaching the girls modified soccer team at Bay Trail, my 2008 team finished with a record of 10-2. I continued to coach the Strikers team which became a U16 team and we finished 2nd in the division again with a record of 7-2-3 . In '09-'10 I continued my work in House C and also took on the title of Math 8 Grade Level Coordinator. My team and I also successfully implemented a one year Algebra I curriculum that follows the NYS Common Core Standards. My 2009 modified soccer team finished with a record of 9-2-1 and I have continued with my Strikers team which is U17 now. I finished my final year with Strikers by coaching my team as a U-19 team, I will miss all the girls and wish them the best of luck as they start out on their own adventures to determining who they will become in the future.

Since the 2009-2010 school year I have continued my work with the House C 8th grade team, the Bay Trail Girl's Soccer Teams and working within the confines of the ever changing mathematics curriculum. I have also had several opportunities to join the discussion in Albany, NY around the development of the 3-8th grade assessments, by attending Range Finding and Item Review Workshops. In the spring of 2014 I took on an additional title coaching the Boys & Girls Modified Track Team, specializing in 200 & 400m sprints, and hurdles.

At the beginning of the 2006 school year I enjoyed the birth of my first daughter Cailin Elisabeth (Sept. 8th) and at the end of the 2008 school year I enjoyed the birth of my second daughter Maren Olivia (June 24th). My family and I have since moved to Mendon in the spring of 2010 and welcomed my son Luka Gabriel (Sept. 26th, 2012).

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